Homosexuality & the American Dream

America is the best country to ever exist on this planet. Its values of freedom, liberty, and justice has propelled it to the most powerful and influential superpower on Earth. Millions of people every year give up everything they have just to step foot on our rich soil, to breath our clean air, and drink our pure water. They do so because they want the American Dream; they want a job they like, a partner they love, and children they love even more. No one could ask for a better gift than the gift the United States gives everyday to millions of people. Yet, such a dream is not offered to everyone, not because of financial restraint or any disability, but because of a choice of lifestyle that is different.

As children, we are told by our parents that we have the ability to do anything we want if we put our mind to it. We’re told we can be astronauts, doctors, professional athletes, or even President. But if that child grew up to by gay, his dreams and hopes to do anything he wanted could simply be childhood fantasies. He could not marry someone he loves, just like his parents did. Any happily married couple would tell you that the bond between them is what gives them their strength, inspiration, and motivation. When a man wakes up in the morning and turns to see his beautiful wife, he is given every reason in the world to live another day to its fullest. Who’s to say that same strength, inspiration, and motivation is not given and received when a man wakes in the morning to see his partner who happens to be another man? And if that man wanted to join the military—serve his country—proud of who he was, he couldn’t.

He would grow up to be hated, to be called sinner, and to be discriminated against in the hands of justice. He would attend his straight friends’ weddings, in full support of their joy. He would congratulate their accomplishments as they marched in uniform, in the name of their country. He would shed tears of joy to see his friends’ first born and gave gifts of good fortune.

He did nothing to deserve the restrictions of law that kept him on the outside looking in. He did not commit a crime or break a law. He was simply different. He wakes up every morning, goes to work, pays his taxes, votes for what he believes in, and helps his community. He was born free, but everywhere he was in chains.

Heterosexuals live the American Dream. They find a job they like, a partner they love and eventually marry, and raise a child they treasure. I want many of the same things. I want to serve my country here at home, fall in love with the perfect woman, and have a child that I can teach to walk, talk, and play peek-a-boo with. However, I have no right to tell another woman that she cannot have what I want. I have no right to tell her she cannot marry the perfect woman or raise a child based solely on her sexual preference.

Homosexuals cannot live the American Dream. They may be able to find a job, but they cannot marry the partner they love, or raise a child they can treasure. That’s exactly what homosexuals want. They want to live in this country with the same rights as their neighbors. They want to be able to adopt children just like their neighbor, marry the person they love like their neighbor, and be proud of who they are while serving their country.

This is not an abstract concept. This is based on the notion that all men are created equal. Abraham Lincoln used that phrase from the Declaration of Independence as an argument for prohibiting slavery. It was right then and its right today. No amount of time passed can change the meaning of those words. I don’t care if the government changes the definition of marriage, or if they rename the legal contract to something else that is allowed to both hetero- and homosexual couples, or even if they relinquished any involvement in marriage altogether, but at this very moment, the government is favoring one group of people over another for a reason based not on law, freedom, or liberty, but based on tradition, religion, and subjective societal virtue. It is an un-American argument.

Someone else’s homosexual behavior is none of yours or my business, just like sex with your wife or husband is none of my business. Thus, the opinion of homosexuality as being immoral is an empty argument in the face of the law. Tradition is what kept slavery institutionalized for many years, and has also translated discrimination through the years. Just because your family has always beat your children, doesn’t mean it is legal to continue to do so. The desire to maintain societal virtue is a communitarian idea of controlling the populace by a subjective view of what should and shouldn’t be. No one has any right to tell a woman that she cannot have sex with multiple men. It is not our place, and it does not affect anyone in the slightest. Legalizing same sex marriage does not hurt anyone, it does not cause crime or the spread of diseases. It is no ones responsibility to govern the lifestyle of free people.

We can talk about the definition of a freedom, or a civil right, or privileges, but the government has a legal contract that is only available to heterosexuals. Whatever you want to call that ability, it is still being restricted to people who live in the land of the free and who were promised the American Dream at birth. That is wrong, unfair, unjust, and above all, un-American.

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4 thoughts on “Homosexuality & the American Dream

  1. I applaud you Tetracide.


  2. Ron says:

    Nothing against “gays” but I figure, the American Dream is not defined by what you are, but what you do.

    Equality of opportunity is what comprises the AD, and gays have just this. While they might not be able to marry or do certain things, this does not stop them from making something of their lives. It is foolish to claim that Homosexuals would do better in life if they were married. There is no difference between being married and unmarried other than the obvious. One’s ambitions are always one’s ambitions and marriage does not change that. If someone wants to achieve, they will achieve. Maybe their goals change with a spouse, but it cannot be argued that this is an important factor in creating success in anyone.

    An argument along the lines of moral freedom would have been far more successful. For example: “There is no virtue without the freedom to be immoral and unvirtuous, there is no forced virtue, and that is why banning homosexual marriages is not a step in creating morality, but in forcing doctrine”.

  3. BH says:

    Many heterosexuals choose not to marry but still have children; and I was under the impression that many gay couples DO have children. I’m just saying that one can apparently still have a good life if one is unmarried and adopts a child or children.

  4. zack says:

    OH, BH, so they shouldn’t be ALLOWED to get married because its POSSIBLE to have a good life otherwise? Why even get a car, man? You can be happy walking, not as happy, but still happy, right? Am I right?

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