An American’s Thoughts

It is with much disappointment I write this monograph, but my sober observations of politics as of late and my unwavering convictions compel me to do so. Today I wish to somberly declare that Americanism – the tenets of which birthed and bind this nation – have become at risk to sequestration. Ideas of individual liberty and responsibility, the healthy cynicism of government control, and the reliance on free markets have been disavowed in favor of convenience, in the rush of euphoria, and in the false dilemma of the necessity of action.

Leaders in Washington have overseen and condoned the encroachment of government into the lives of every citizen and in a variety of private sectors. Consequently the size, scope, and price of the government bureaucracies have inflated above and beyond not only the status quo but more importantly their constitutional boundaries. We are told that inaction is above all the most dangerous path. We are lead to believe that in order to preserve America, government must coordinate America.

Friends, the most dangerous paths are not those that lead us to a nation under individualism, but those towards collective control. To preserve America is not to invest in the government but to invest in the citizen. All the same, the walls of our treasury are now echo chambers of future generations’ pennilessness. Our nation’s capital swells with new unnamed bureaucrats and czars of nebulous function and power. Politicians now have the liberty to consume entire enterprises and dictate their new function.

All this in the name of preservation.

Americanism is something unique. It is a way of life that has propelled this nation to greatness. Millions abroad dream of being met at the gates of America by Lady Liberty’s promise: equality of opportunity and the illustriousness of the American Dream. In the pages of history, however, we have seen how the violation of these values has lead to the darkest hours of the human story; how the squandering of the human spirit and the punishment of hard work, thrift, and risk-taking through higher taxes has destroyed potential.

We hear promises of no tax increases, but we see something completely different. The indignity of high taxes and increased government regulation upon business is merely a “gotch-ya politics” project which helps nothing but the consciences of bureaucrats and does nothing but transfer the burden onto the citizen. Monstrous increased in taxes on tobacco directly affect middle- and lower-income households. A cap-and-trade economy will do nothing but up the prices of energy nation-wide, lowering the purchasing power of the family, and destroying jobs for those businesses that cannot meet the new demands government has placed upon it. And now, politicians seek to place a $1 trillion burden on the citizen for a government-run health insurance program.

It’s a pattern we’ve seen far too often. It’s a pattern which government consults its needs before it consults its purse. A pattern which government is the solution, not the ingenuity of Americans. We are currently seeing by the devaluation of individual responsibility and the placed reliance on government, how the American Dream is being manipulated into an American Promise. There are those that wish this country and its countrymen to simply give success, and not allow it to be earned.

My fellow citizens, the greatest American innovations were the product of that very same hard work, thrift, and risk-taking some wish to punish. The welfare state rewards ho-hum citizenship, and pays no tribute to a society of initiative and inventiveness.

It is that Americanism that is at risk. It is with this pattern where we will see the depreciation of what it means to be an American. And so as always, we can choose our destiny. We can continue down a road that will allow government’s shadow to encompass even more, or we can choose to hold the torch of liberty higher. We can allow for politicians to decide how we live our lives, or we can decide for ourselves. We can continue to allow the unconstitutionality of government to expand, or we can contain it to its rightful scope.

The choice is ours.


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