Rescinding My Tea Party Membership

The fight for individual responsibility, for a tame government, for free enterprise, is not in need of a leader. If the preference for such things requires the organization of the masses, then we have doomed ourselves to the rule of the first charismatic idiot we come across.

There has been much debate over the qualities of the Tea Party movement ranging from its over-arching goals and beliefs to its underlying composition and motivation. In the past, I called myself a member of the movement. I rescind that membership in favor of something greater.

At the risk of sounding haughty, I am an advocate of freedom in whatever form it may take. The Tea Party movement, a burly beast full of anger and disappointment in government, was the most recent incarnation of liberty’s fight but it has fallen prey to the powers that be.

It began too late. Violation of the trust we imposed on government to spend our money wisely, to leave us to our own devices in the marketplace, and to keep out of our ever day lives began long ago. It was birthed and will be continued by the cooperation of both parties.

Blame, if it is so eagerly sought, can be left on the shoulders of many.

My point: Ideas don’t need leaders in a republic, they need representatives. Reagan and Goldwater carried the banner of limited government, they did not invent it. Obama carries the banner of social justice, he did not invent it. Beck nor Olberman, Limbaugh nor Maddow control the exclusive right of reason and analysis. We the people are the arbiters of our own fate. The moment we give that away (as the Republicans, Democrats, and “tea party” has) is the moment our society dies.

I advocate not just the return to individual responsibility, but to individual thought, not just of free enterprise, but of free thinking. When we think for ourselves, when we’re rational and united in the common goal of bettering ourselves and our prosperity, there lies no room for partisanship, “anger merchants”, and infotainment.

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