My Politics

I observe that man is a living organism; that his life is conditional and dependent upon certain action; that man’s only means of achieving those actions is the unimpeded use of his faculty of reason and that such is an inalienable right. I observe that if man is to live among his peers, there should properly exist the barring of the initiation of force, and that to ensure this status quo is maintained, a government codified with objective rules must exist.

Thus, I only recognize the authority of a government to defend man’s right to his own life from forces foreign and domestic that may do him harm. The responsibilities and power of the government are to protect citizens from unsolicited aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud. The powers of government should include only the enforcement of these protections. All other enterprises of government, be them social welfare, economic regulation, or infrastructure building is immoral.

While the philosophy of Objectivism — to which I subscribe — encompasses a whole set of political ideals, it could best be likened to the political Libertarian position. Whereas little “L” libertarianism — as a political philosophy — is flawed in its fundamental assumptions, Objectivism generates a more concrete foundation for political values.


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