My Religion

I am a positive atheist. I reject all claims of the existence of a supernatural god on metaphysical grounds, and I reject the concept of faith as a means of knowledge acquisition.

A Supernatural God

The term “supernatural” means beyond the natural realm of which our faculty of reason can integrate. It is beyond our senses, outside of our realm of knowledge. However, it is impossible to conceive that which we cannot know. To ask an individual to conceive of a supernatural god is to ask him to conceive of a square triangle or a married bachelor. Furthermore, if we are to define God as a supernatural being, it cannot posses determinate characteristics that define a natural being. To conceive of God as a natural being would be to place limits on his existence and disqualify him as a omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent god.

We are asked to conceive of a being without determinate characteristics, without a specific nature, a being that is nothing in particular. Yet this contradicts the very notion of existence. To be is to be something as opposed to nothing. In order to exist a God must have characteristics. But his supernatural state leaves him beyond our grasp of understanding and so we cannot ascribe him any characteristic without chaining him to the natural universe and disqualifying him his status as a god.

The Concept of Faith

Humans were born without claws, poisonous spoors, wings, or impressive strength. We were however born with our minds and its capacity to reason. A human being must act in accordance with his nature in order to live. He must eat food, not rat poison; drink water, not Freon; protect his body from the elements, not run amok naked. Above all, man must use his faculty of reason.

Reason is man’s means of integrating the fruits of his senses into abstractions and concepts. It is his only tool to understand the universe. To renounce reason is to surrender man’s only tool to survive. Like a lion who surrenders its claws, a whale that surrenders its flippers, a dog who surrenders its legs, humans who surrender their faculty of reason would be doomed to fail in the natural world unless kept alive by the reasoned action of others.


2 thoughts on “My Religion

  1. Tim Jones says:

    Dear JK,

    I think you’re ‘reasoning’ on why you’re an atheist and that there is no God is totally flawed. The following in my proof that God does exist.

    Man is limited by reason, imagination, logic. Because of these limitations, for example, what existed before the Big Bang, what lies outside of the universe, God is the answer. God transcends the limitations and boundaries imposed by reason, logic, mathematics and the perceptions of our senses, and exists on the outside of them and outside of the universe, which is why we are ‘blind’ to God and is unknowable to us except through faith. Hence, faith is the belief in God as transcendent and all-knowing because we are not. Atheists work only within the realm of reason, science, logic and therefore are self-imposed by their own limitations as they can only make their arguments within those boundaries therefore nullifying their assertions.

    Tim Jones
    Shaker Hts. OH

    • J.K. Gregg says:

      Thanks for visiting the site and posting your thoughts.

      To be honest, I had a hard time understanding your argument. You claimed, and correct me if I’m wrong, that God exists because the human faculty of reason is limited. I do not see the logical flow of this argument. How does the alleged limited nature of a human faculty lend credence to the existence of a supernatural god? The two arguments do not flow together.

      Allow me to comment on the nature of reason, which you claim is limiting to man. You claimed that reason couldn’t answer questions like, “what existed before the big bang,” or “what lies outside the universe.” These questions are meaningless. You are basically asking what existed before existence and what exists beyond existence. The Universe is all that which exists, it is the realm that contains all of existence. We cannot speak to anything “outside” of the universe because it wouldn’t exist, it wouldn’t be within the realm of existence. You claim that because humans cannot accurately answer these questions (which they can, and I just did), that we must surrender to faith and to a supernatural god to explain these things.

      I would argue that there is a major difference between making scientific generalizations over what is categorically unknown, and metaphysical generalization over all that exists. There are severe consequences to lending credence to a supernatural god. Our basic understanding of a universe that is knowable would be tossed out the window with the introduction of the supernatural.

      Your argument also implies that reason is perception. You said that since we cannot perceive the unknown, reason thus falls short. Yet perception is a prerequisite for reason. Perception is a group of sensations automatically retained by the mind. Reason is the faculty of integrating those percepts into abstractions or conceptions. Perception of the unknown does not equate to reason’s failing. Because I do not know what is going on in my neighbors house, doesn’t mean there aren’t objects, actions, and processes in that house that couldn’t be explained by reason.

      In sum, I simply find your argument for God’s existence lacking in substantive logic.

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